Tuesday, November 09, 2004

More Republican Socialism

I was talking over at Mader's about Republican Socialism. The original question was about gay marriage.

BTW here is a previous rant about Republican Socialism. I predicted Keyes utter defeat. Sept 12. The second day I was open for business.


What ever you believe you have to look at the question politically.

There are a lot of RINOs who will leave the coalition if this crap gets pushed down our throats.

I call it Republican Socialism.

So the question is - big tent and enlarge the coalition for the war and economic policies of Bush. Or be like Clinton and waste your capital on somthing the American people are not happy about but also don't want disturbed.

This is Bush's "Gays in the Military" effort (a bridge too far). Or Hillary's socialized medicine effort. Polls showed dissatisfaction with how we handle medical costs. It did not translate into support for her proposal.

The same will come of the abortion hoo ha. No one likes it that I know of. At the same time few want to drive it underground.


David Blue said...

Pro-lifers are an important part of Bush's coalition. "Big tent" can't mean driving them out.

It's a matter of priorities. The New York Republican National Convention set them. The top speaker of course was George W. Bush, who's as strong a pro-lifer as there is. But other key speakers included Rudolph Giuliani (pro-war-on-terror and pro-choice), John McCain (pro-war-on-terror and pro-choice), Arnold Schwarzenegger (pro-war-on-terror and pro-choice) and Ron Silver (pro-war-on-terror and pro-choice). Nobody can be against fighting terrorism aggressively and be in line with George W. Bush's Republicans. Pro-life and pro-choice are personal options, though one has is ascendant for the time being.

Mike said...

I think you're on the right track, but this particular failure mode of democracy tends to be "fascism" rather than "socialism". Neither is very palatable, though.

M. Simon said...

Socialism leads to fascism.

See Hayek.