Thursday, November 11, 2004

I have a secret

Actually it is French Doctors who have a secret.

"Today's machinery and imagery can provide a living autopsy, and his blood and urine is still going to give them the core diagnoses," said New York-based brain expert Dr. Eric Braverman. "I think you can be confident that the doctors have a diagnosis and they are not releasing it."
My diagnosis:
Arafat is still dead.

He died of compications from AIDS.


15:17z Just in from the Strictly Rumor Department.
French Newspaper: LA PARISIAN: Arafat carried HIV 4 years. Suha knew it and that is why she removed herself and her daughter to France.
The paper said it has official documents with the AIDS TEST but is withholding publication at the moment.
I'm told the actual name of the paper is Le Parisien.


16:07z the paper Le Parisien can be found here. My French is inadequate but I'm going to have a look around for anything interesting.


Anonymous said...

Let me suggest that each time someone starts talking about how "great" Arafat was, immediately start singing and disco-dancing:


Not that there's anything wrong with THAT...

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