Monday, November 08, 2004

Goebbels Warming

There is a new report on the dangers of global warming from Rooters. No mention of the likely cause: rising solar output. Why is that? It is just green house gasses all the way. Any way, I cherry picked this quote from the article (TSI is total solar insolation):

On time scales as short as several days, the TSI can vary by 0.2 percent due to the number and size of sunspots crossing the face of the sun. That shift, said to be insignificant to weather, is however equal to the total amount of energy used by humans, globally, for a year, the researchers estimate.

The study analyzed data from six satellites orbiting Earth at different times over the 24 years. Willson ferreted out errors in one of the datasets that had prevented previous studies from discovering the trend.
Another quote from the article:
A separate recent study of sun-induced magnetic activity near Earth, going back to 1868, provides compelling evidence that the sun’s current increase in output goes back more than a century, Willson said.

He said firm conclusions about whether the present changes involve a long-term trend or a relatively brief aberration should come with continued monitoring into the next solar minimum, expected around 2006.
Do you see why there is such a rush to get the climate change treaty in force? Data may soon show that man is not the driver of climate.

This rumination was brought on by the spectacular Northern Lights Show last night. My first mate says it was just like the 60s all over again. In so far as I can remember the 60s I'd have to agree.

There are some really nice pictures of the show here. And more here. Enjoy.


01:28z 9 Nov 2004

Here is a nice link to some historical evidence on climate change.


16:43z 11 Nov 2004. It appears it is happening on Mars too. Global warming that is.

Via Instapundit.

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