Monday, November 29, 2004

A Japanese view of Arab Culture

Well I'm noodling around Al Bawaba forums again and came across this article by a Kuwaiti Arab, Muhammad Al-Rumayhi, reviewing "The Arabs: A Japanese Point of View," by Japanese researcher Nobuaki Notohara. It was originally translated by MEMRI.

What Enabled the Japanese to Enter the New Cultural Age?

"Whenever some Arabs meet at a scientific convention and Japan is mentioned, the participants compare Japan's revival to the yearned-for Arab revival. They say that Japan succeeded in entering the new age while at the same time preserving its social culture. Apparently, this is the majority opinion among Arab observers. It appears that this is an apologetic view or justification aimed at saying, 'You can enter the age of modernization, globalization, and production without giving up your social heritage, the traditional political pattern, and the behavioral norms that are inappropriate for our time.'

"'And if they are told that the Japanese entered the new age because they changed the political patterns and social behavior to which they were accustomed and because they adopted new ideas, some Arabs respond to this with amazement and denial…'
There is way more of interest including why Japan as a nation is not still angry about getting nuked twice.

The short answer. It does not help to lay blame on others. Self criticism is the only way forward.

Here is hoping the Arabs get it before too long.

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