Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Common Law

So I'm over at Al Bawaba again having a discourse with Faust and the rest of the denizens and I'm inspired to write this little piece.


Let me put in my 2 cents.

A decision has been made some where in the labrynth of the US government that the US is going to be #1 on the planet for the next 100 years. Basically until the transition away from oil as an energy resource is complete. (one must know the trends in science and technology not just politics to know what is happening).

In 100 years the planet will be 99% civilized. And it will be American/British civilization, not French. Common law will be the rule.

Now Brit civilization is very interesting in that respect because common law is what the Brits/Americans are ruled by. The laws reflect the actual behavior of the people. As opposed to the French system where law is handed down from on high and obedience is demanded. Islam is a French system. The will of the people does not have the force of law.

The Brit/American system is adaptable. It bends. It changes. The French/Islamic system is brittle, change is difficult. The French/Islamics bridge the gap between law and reality by ignoring the inconvenient parts of the law. What we anglos would call hypocracy. It appears in every brittle system. Take the Soviet Union for instance.

Now the surprising thing is that I learned all this in a high school (Omaha Central) class over 40 years ago. English history. A truly fascinating subject. The Norse pirates were a very big influence on the course of English law. The Magna Carta was the outcome of the clash between Norse law and the French system imposed by Wm. the conquerer.

This war we are in is truly a clash of civilizations at least 1,000 years in the making.

We will have same sex marriage in America (in time) and the drug laws will be repealed. Because it is what the people want. There are very few fixed rules in the anglo system except listening to the will of the people. Things are decided by the way people live. Not rules handed down from on high by our betters. You know, the mullahs and kings.

Any way as far as I can tell the outcome of the war was decided a long time ago. What you see in action is just the mopping up operation. The Italian Oriana Fallaci has written extensively about the power of the plebes. For those interested she is a very good read and understands the issues in her bones. Men will fight and die so that they can make their own rules. This is a fact.

Jefferson sealed it in 1776. July 4th is the official date. Go back and read what he said. Good stuff. It defeated the Soviet Communists. It will defeat Islam.

Well any way I'm starting to get like Adnan. Verbose.

Think. Think. Think.

A caliphate or self rule? Who has the most power?

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