Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Creating More Terrorists?

Rooters does its usual smashing job on the Marine who shot a wounded Iraqi.

Now the article finishes with the usual:

Viewers said images, which Arab televisions aired repeatedly of a Marine killing a severely injured Iraqi, fueled growing hatred against America and helped create more 'terrorists.'
Well go look at the photos yourself. Dying alone on the floor of a dusty mosque at the hands of an American soldier does not look like a big recruiting tool to me. But, hell, I wouldn't be a suicide bomber either so what do I know?

This Rooters article has a more even handed bit.
In Saudi Arabia -- the birthplace of Islam and of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden (news - web sites), whose group carried out bombings in the country -- residents said insurgents were to blame for taking their battle into mosques.

"If I was in the U.S. soldier's place I would have killed all the insurgents because they are mercenaries," said Saudi Zaher al-Saleh, a 32-year-old teacher. "They have turned the mosques into battlefields and they're killing civilians."
Then of course they go on with more ravings from outraged fascists.

Belmont Club looks into the Geneva Convention angle.

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fjelehjifel said...

You may very well be correct. In addition, the video (1) shows that Americans have no mercy for their enemies (a good thing), and (2) mosques are no longer "no go" areas. More to the point: The Arab's world's Al Jazeera-induced caterwauling is no longer a deterrent to effective U.S. military action.