Friday, November 19, 2004

Rules of Engagement

I was visiting over at Al Bawaba and came across this bit on the new rules of engagement by God Is Great. I'm going to take the liberty of quoting the whole thing.

1. If the guy shooting at you runs out of bullets, you can't shoot him.
2. If the guy shooting at you turns and runs, you can't shoot him.
3. If you shoot a guy and wound him, you must not shoot him again to kill him.
4. If you shoot a guy and wound him, you must immediately provide medical attention to him and evacuate him to your hospital.
5. If you have better weapons than your opponent, you cannot use them.
6. If you have better training than your opponent, you must train your opponent to "level the playing field".

I mean fair is fair.
Pretty much sums it up.

Faust as usual has a nice reply. You will have to go to the url to read it.


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