Sunday, November 28, 2004

Nuke 'em

A war cry has gone up. It is the war cry of the American left. They want their enemies nuked. In America. By Iran.

Wright Patman says in post #11:

I live in Texas. But I can see your point.

A nuke delivered to Collin County, Texas (northern suburbs of Dallas), would hit nothing but red.

And the really neat thing is that it is nothing but paved-over prairieland to begin with, so there would not be any noticeable loss of scenery. In fact, the craters might make for interesting tourist attractions.

One could combine one's vacation trip by first visiting Dealey Plaza where the original coup was plotted and carried out and then travel 30 miles to the north to witness the (literal) fallout the military-industrial coup generated 41 years later.
As so many have said. They are not just the loyal opposition. They are on the other side.

Several posters are not concerned by Iranian nukes. After all, they point out, the first target will just be the Jews in Israel.

These are not lovers of peace. They are war lovers. The peace they hope for is a loss for their side. And a win for the opressors of women.

How progressive.

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