Monday, November 08, 2004

Its a Gay Thing

Virginia Postrel has a piece on how much Americans hate gays. 60% favor gay marriage or civil unions. She says even in the South the number is 49%.

David Brooks's smart and much-linked-to column on Saturday pointed out the same thing, of course. And this piece by Gary Langer, director of polling for ABC News, was a big "I told you so" about the problem of incredibly vague language in the exit polls. Dianne Feinstein and Bill Bennett may think "moral values" means "opposition to gay marriage," but it's just as likely--more, in my opinion--to mean "the candidate's character."
She goes on to point out the Democrats lack of moral courage:
As for gays, the most depressing aspect of the election is how quickly big-shot Democrats want to run away from gay-friendly policies.
Virginia has more to say on the subject of statistics on gay marriage issues here.


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