Sunday, November 14, 2004

Has the Pali Civil War Officially Started?

There are reports today of Palis gunning for each other at Arafats funeral.

There is no honor among thieves.


12:35z 15 Nov 2004

Two security personnel killed in Arafat mourning tent shooting.

GAZA CITY : Two members of the Palestinian security services were killed in a shooting incident as PLO leader Mahmud Abbas visited a mourning tent at late leader Yasser Arafat's Gaza City headquarters, medical sources said.

Four other people were wounded in the incident although Abbas himself, surrounded by aides and guards, was unharmed, the sources added.
Such a lovely people.

It gets better.
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Mahmoud Abbas, the temporary successor to Yasser Arafat, escaped unharmed Sunday when militants firing assault rifles burst into a mourning tent for the deceased Palestinian leader, killing two security guards and wounding six other people.

The shooting raised grave concerns about a violent power struggle in the post-Arafat era. Some of the gunmen shouted slogans calling Abbas, a moderate who has spoken out against violence, an agent of the United States.
What you want to bet that Abbas is now more than ever against violence.

May I quote from the esteemed Wm. Burroughs "Naked Lunch":
A rout of Mullahs and Muftis and Musseins and Caids and Glaouis and Sheiks and Sultans and Holy Men and representatives of every conceivable Arab party make up the rank and file and attend the actual meetings from which the higher ups prudently abstain. Though the delegates are carefully searched at the door, these gatherings invariably culminate in riots. Speakers are often doused with gasoline and burned to death, or some uncouth desert Sheik opens up on his opponents with a machine gun he had concealed in the belly of a pet sheep. Nationalist martyrs with grenades up the ass mingle with the assembled conferents and suddenly ex- plode, occasioning heavy casualties.... And there was the occasion when President Ra threw the British Prime Minister to the ground and forcibly sodomized him, the spectacle being televised to the entire Arab World. Wild yipes of joy were heard in Stockholm. Interzone has an ordinance forbidding a meeting of Islam Inc. within five miles of the city limits.
Well it was a funeral of the great leader. Abbas had to pay his last respects.

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