Monday, November 22, 2004

Al Jazeera Says

So I'm looking up some stuff about jihad and come across this blog Terrorism Unveiled by a student of Arabic and terrorism studying in the Middle East.

And there is this terrific post on how Al Jazeera is taking the Marine shooting of the insurgent.

Then it shows the clip of the Marine shooting the man. He was not sitting up but lying on the floor and the camera was from a distance where I could not make out the actual situation and movements of the man who was shot. He also seemed to be somewhat covered by a blanket. You could not see his face. The Marine was hovering over him, approximately a 2 feet away.

After it shows the gun go off, it then once again circles the man's white ankle-band and shows blood stains on the ground. It then shows a larger picture view of the mosque and many dead bodies on the floor.

The soundbite is a quite disturbing factor in this incident, but we can't know what the situation was from just the video clip. But the way al-Jazeera put the whole segment together, it appears the US is killing innocent men in mosques and blowing the whole city apart.

I would like to see the video in it's entirety, without editing, deleted scenes, or added clips that are not chronological nor even dealing with the mosque in question.
The bottom line here is that it does not matter what actually happened. Al Jazeera is going to make it look like whatever they want it to look like.

Now if it was me and I saw what Al Jazeera was playing: The US of A destroying Falluja and men women and children, I'd want to get out of the way.

Evidently their audience does not think like that. They feel the need to defend their homeland. So fighters are attracted to a situation that is much different than what is portrayed. They find out that they are only defending thugs against a population that is mostly tired of thugs.

No matter how gullible the audience there is some limit to how long they can keep up the fictions. The truth eventually filters back.

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