Sunday, November 21, 2004

One Man, One Woman

Hugh Hewitt is on about one of his favorite hobby horses gay marriage.

I sent him this:


Please define Man. Please define Woman.

Genes? Equipment? Hormone balance?

The definition does not solve the problem completely.

And then we have Julius Caesar.


This whole brouhaha is a Zen test.

We have words. We have reality.

The fight over reality is over. People live as they see fit.

All that is left is the fight over words.

That is pretty pathetic.


Kurt said...

I agree let people live as they see fit.

Cool blog btw!

heres mine drop by if you like.

Spiney Widgmo said...

I don't believe the whole issue over gay marriage is only words. I expect gay marriage to be approved in some form. But, I'm agaist 'gay marriage' until several issues are taken care of first.

First - Sex education in public schools. As a parent I am not thrilled with a gay sex education possibly being mandated for tolerance and diversity. I want protections to insure that my child will not be forced to sit through sex education classes that are social engineering expeeriments on a large scale. The teenage years are bad enough without adding explicit instruction on homosexual sex into the mix.

Second - retaining the right to free speech. Personally I don't care what a person does in the privacy of their own home. However, I am afraid that if gay marriage is legally created, spoken criticism of homosexual relations could be become a hate crime subject to criminal penalties.

Once those two issues are addressed, my resistance to gay marriage will drop. However, I think presenting the issue as just a matter of semantics misses the possible impact of gay marriage recognized by the government.

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