Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Let the Purges Begin

Over at NRO they prefer Mike DeWine over Arlen Specter as Judiciary head. Arlen is of course next in line for the post according to the usual succession procedures. The Cultural Conservatives are in a mood to throw the RINOs overboard.

Funny thing is I predicted this a year and a half ago in my death of socialism article.

Here is an e-mail I sent the NRO guys.


Uh, you guys tring to reduce the size of your coalition?

The RINOs can go elsewhere. You don't own them.

BTW what is your plan for ending abortion - not just making it illegal but ending it? A plan that will work better than the war on drugs.

And please tell me how judges can help? I know - you will get your laws upheld and enforced.

Now about the drug war.....

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Anonymous said...

I'd imagine that quite a few people who are anti-abortion like me can't stand DeWine for his abysmal 2nd Amendment record and his recent active support to try to pass an AWB extension. He's a weaselly jackass.