Saturday, November 20, 2004

Condi Speaks for America

So I'm over at Al Bawaba gloating over the Marine victory in Fallujah. And I come across this piece by JohnnyRotten. He is discussing the meaning of Condi Rice, Iraq demographics, and the coming elections in Iraq. The pigs he refers to are al-Zarqawiand the "insurgents". The boy is brilliant.

Wait to the elections.......wait for those women to start voting.Their going to have rights and pigs like that will have nothing.Iraq is over 51 % women.Wait for the vote.Those women are tired of being treated like pigs by those men..Iraq is really getting ready to change.The women will soon start to wear western close...etc etc etc..Your running out of gas.Nothing better then a bunch of women that can speak their mind.The Iraqi women can look at Miss Rice and see that they can have a feauture with the New Government.....Not with those extremists.

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