Monday, November 29, 2004

Iran's Nucular Program is Peaceful - Really

Iran is promising to really give up its nuclear (and you thought I couldn't spell) program. In fact it is promising to keep the promise it made just last week. Really, no lie. (except to kufars). Yep. It could be true this time just ask them. Rooters has the story:

Under the terms of the deal, Tehran pledged to suspend all activities related to plutonium reprocessing and the enrichment of uranium, a process of purifying uranium for use as fuel in nuclear power plants or, when very highly enriched, in weapons.

In exchange, France, Britain and Germany have offered on behalf of the EU a package of economic and political benefits, including a promise to build a light-water nuclear reactor that is more difficult to use for weapons purposes than other types.

In a cliffhanger week of backroom haggling, Iran had asked that 20 centrifuges -- which enrich uranium by spinning at supersonic speeds -- be exempted from the deal it reached with the EU's "Big Three" freezing its nuclear program on Nov. 7.
Iran has been promising and unpromising since 7 Nov.

Even the North Koreans did a better job than that.

Say. Maybe this is a job for Jimmy Carter. He did so well with the Iranians when he was President and with the North Koreans when he wasn't.

OTOH perhaps this is a job for the Marines.

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