Monday, January 31, 2005

The Power of the 'Net

There have been quite a few people keeping an eye on the DU these days. Despite their Stalinist policy of censoring internal criticism they realise they are being watched and judged and some people over there are suggesting that they not present speculation as fact. Observation keeps them honest. Try as they might they can't build a lasting echo chamber. This is good. Let's look deeper:

Peak oil says:

Right now, there are THOUSANDS of right-wing types reading DU, scouring it for anything they can find that is false. Whether they're reading it to find things to use against the Democratic party or not, they're READING THIS STUFF.
Well he sure has my number. Busted. Damn.
I remember the day I decided to pick up a Noam Chomsky book. I figured, I better find out what these commie pinko bastards have to say that's so evil. Well, guess what. Now I'm a radical liberal who's probably closer to Libertarian than Democratic, but probably going to vote Green to save my soul. Unless the D's put somebody up there with a spine, like my main man Howard Mothafuckin Dean. Based on just reading something, my whole life changed.
Chomsky? Well he is starting to lose on his commitment to truth here. Chomsky is a serial liar and denyer of truth. He will say one thing one year and deny he said it another. And the Screamin' Deanmon? His main man? Well lets continue maybe he will get back on the rails.
These guys are reading this stuff. This is your opportunity to show that you have integrity. This is your one shot to convince the vast right-wing conspiracy that YOU are to be trusted before THEY are.
Well that would be a good idea. I'd like to see it. Difficult as it may be.

Peak Oil goes on to say here:
I challenge you and anyone else interested in making sure that debate on DU is fair and true....
Evidently a tall order considering the flack he is recieving from the rest of the denizens.

I do think these snippets prove that it is impossible to isolate the reality based community from reality (eventually) no matter how hard they try. I think this is true for any site of major interest (even if only comedic) on the net. In time the only echo chambers on the net will be lone individuals talking to themselves.

The proof is here. Even the DU is starting to get a clue.