Friday, January 14, 2005

They are not making things easy

By now you probaly have heard of the attack on the Erez crossing between Israel and the Gaza strip.

The Jerusalem Post and Haaretz have the story as does Yahoo/Reuters.

Israel has closed the border between Gaza and Israel to all but humanitarian traffic. i.e. food and medicine.

What is most interesting is this quote from the Haaretz article:

Brig. Gen. Abir Kochavi, commander of the Gaza Division, said Friday that the amount of goods that will be allowed into Gaza will be cut drastically following the attack, but that the army would do what it could to reduce damage to innocent civilians.

"This is a central crossing through which merchandise, medicine and food are brought," Kochavi told Israel Radio. "For a reason that is not clear to us, [the terrorists] are making every effort to destroy our every attempt to allow the Palestinians, their own people, [to lead] easier lives."

Now why would the terrorist be trying to make things harder on their own people?

I thought fighting a war was all about making things easier. No accounting for the Palistinian mind.


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