Sunday, January 09, 2005

Busting the Carnival Line - Jam Cruise 3

Carnival Lines was hosting a cruise called Jam Cruise 3.

At the end of the cruise were drug sniffing dogs. Customer service at its finest. Ya gotta wonder whose bright idea that was. It is possible the government thought it up on its own. It coulda happened.

Well they found six people with drugs on their person. Excellent.

Pot, Xtacy, Cocaine. All were charged with felony possesion.

I wonder if there will be a Jam Cruise 4?

I wonder what the mandatory sentence is for felony pot possesion?

I wonder if they found any terrorists? Probably not their job. More's the pity.


Anonymous said...

I thought that U.S. Customs took care of these matters once you'ce debarked and were officially entering U.S. soil. Unless the accused were trafficing (drugs from another country - picked up on the cruises foreign stops)then what's with the invaision of privacy? Also, why didn't the accused dump the contraband prior to the search? I'm really against involving citizens, utility workers, educators, employers, even children functioning as snitches or extensions of the law enforcement community. An interesting read on the "grand plan" to win the Drug War is in the book Durg Wariors and Their Prey by Richard Lawrence Miller. The book seems far fetched at the outset, almost absurd, but as you read on it becomes clear that it could become (is becomming) redux of the Holocost of WW II.
Pease, out.

M. Simon said...

I did a review of "Drug Warriors" here.