Sunday, January 09, 2005

Drug Money

Triticale who is an old friend of mine from my days on Sheffield Ave. (a block up from Armitage) in Chicago. And the CACHE Club. Has a really neat comment on a post of mine.

As for the contribution of drug users to the development of computers? Bill Gates has confirmed the rumor that he got into an argument with a table while tripping at the Microsoft offices. Nolan Bushnell has confirmed that Atari corporate design meetings were intense smokefests. The initial Macintosh project was notorious not for the fact of marijuana use but the amount and openness of it. Bob Widlar, the single most influential designer of analog amplifier chips, altho better known for his drinking, liked to go to Acapulco to binge on the famous gold after every breakthru.
There is more. Go read it for it is good.


E. J. Pagel said...

This shows us once again that society cannot afford to stigmatize its people for drug use, because there are many such citizens who make vastly important contributions to society, and it is not only a mistake, but also a crime to bar them from the same opportunities available to others.

Celeste said...

Which would be why AOL doesn't require drug testing for employement, and their rules only prohibit being openly high at work. (A paraphrase, but the reality.) Were they to institute drug testing, they'd lose the majority of their top developers.