Thursday, January 20, 2005


You are probably wondering what that means.

It is another term of learned helplessness that the Democrats love to use. I found it on KOS and a number of left sites and so I went hunting. What could it mean?

It's OK If You Are a Republican.

Kind of like the Republicans are getting away with all kinds of stuff that leftys would be persecuted for.

Kind of like Clinton getting away with Monica. (The thought of that poor Jewish girl down on her knees while Clinton was talking with Arafat. Why its almost enough to make you want to become a Democrat. Its almost enough to make you want to talk to Arafat - he's still dead Jim. Well opportunities lost.)

It is probably true though. Every administration has its little problems that power lets it sweep under the rug. Like the Mark Rich pardon.


I still like it.

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Glen Wishard said...

BLIRFIYARN - But Life Is Really Fun If You're A Rabid Neocon.