Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Want to Fix the Democrat Party?

Here is your chance:

Calling all Democrats!

We are a group of Democrats from across the country determined to do everything within our power to fix the Democratic Party.

As a first step, we are collecting ideas from December 14th through January 14th. We will take the best 100 ideas and submit it to the new Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman and to every Democratic U.S. Senator, Member of Congress and Governor.

After another disappointing performance by Democrats, it's time to act. It's time for us to stand up and fix this party. Stand up and give us your ideas to fix the Democratic Party.
I'd suggest they drop socialism. And figure out how to help the Iraqi Democracy experiment. What are the odds that those ideas will wind up any where but the trash bin?


Doug said...

Maybe Kerry will return and out-Hawk Hillary?
Maybe John wouldn't be so bad,
...if she's the only other option.
Lieberman/Miller in '08!

Doug said...

Great Idea #2.
Kick Julian Bond out of the NAACP.

Dave said...

1. Taking God out of everything is a fatal flaw of the Dems. We all know how this great country was formed with God as the author of our moral fiber.
2.Killing babies, big one! This idea also follows #1's moral feelings.
3. Basic underingstanding of what the war on terror is really about, it is a strong theat to our freedom on our soil, and our ability to travel freely around the world.
4.Iraq is a the front on the war on terror, quote unquote. Period, wake up Dems to the truth.
5. I honestly have no idea who would be a strong contender in the next Presidental election for the Dems., Mrs. Clinton, Kerry, Dean, or the other hopefuls of 2004 are not good contenders. Kerry thinks he is a shoe in 2008 due to the fact of the close numbers in the election this year.
6.I do not know what platform the Dems really stand firm on except the loser platform of the denile that Iraq is the main front on the war on terror.
7. The Christian vote I feel determined the win for Bush this year. That should be a red flag for the Dems., God has a market share here! wake up.
8. The ACLU is a driving force to distance yourselves from. The majiorty of Americans are ashamed of the ACLU's agenda and they are a demise to embrace.
9. Hillery is not the ticket.
10. Stop all the blockades happening in all Presidents wants and needs for the American people who voted him back into office, its common sence thinking don't you think?.