Friday, January 07, 2005

I could be wrong

Over at Winds of Change there is a good discussion going on about the relationship of the media dinosaurs and the blogs. Here is my take (also posted in the comments at WoC):

Over at my blog I cover a story that neither the blogs (WoC excepted) nor the MSM (Main Stream Media) is covering.

The true nature of what is commonly refered to as "addiction". I cover the science (much of it new in the last three years). It has a lot to do with how our ideas of right and wrong are formed. What is human nature. What can a man/woman be held accountable for. All based on how the brain works. There is a revolution on the way as this understanding becomes more generally known.

No expert in the field has effectively countered my assertions and some have told me that they think what I have found is central to fixing the problem. A researcher in the field even told me that he used my articles as a basis for suggesting possible profitable lines of further research.

The advantage of blogs is not their right/wrong view. It is the breadth of view points.

Google has helpped a lot with Blogger and the Google search engine. People with an interest in the subject find me.

BTW my central thesis is that what we call "addiction" is actually self medication for PTSD.

What I find most interesting is that a "lefty" came to my site and thanked me for getting the word out. He wondered why I as a "right winger" was championing a cause that is identified as "left".

My simple answer: I follow the truth where ever it leads me.

I'd say that was more true of the "right" blogs than the "left". Ideology can be a blinder. One must always have doubt. Even of one's most cherished beliefs. Such doubt is what moved me from the communist/Democrat view point to the libertarian/right point of view.

So all I can say is: I could be wrong.

Show me.


AMac said...

Visiting from WoC...

Could you provide a link to your best post on the uber-theory of addiction and PTSD? Thanks.

M. Simon said...

I'm going to leave a few links here. There are more in the side bar under Drug War RantsAddiction or Self Medication?Genetic DiscriminationPTSD Pot Alcohol & Substance AbuseHeroinStart with the top url. If that helps go down the list.

M. Simon said...

Addiction or Self Medication?*
Genetic DiscriminationPTSD*
Pot Alcohol & Substance Abuse*