Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Stand up and be counted

I'm over at Al Bawaba again arguing with the leftys and other active and passive supporters of the throat slitters. Al is one of the Leftys. Faust is a Marine who now provides security and other services as a contractor in the war zone.


A letter to Al,

"Who will stop the fascists" is not a pompous question Al.

So far in the last 70 years in every generation men are asked to make that choice. Some times several times in a generation.

To tell the truth in 1971 I sided with Kerry and the fascists. I'm not proud of it but there it is.

By 1980 I had seen where that led. I have the Vietnamese Boat People, the Re-ed camps, and 2 million Cambodians on the debit side of my ledger.

There is no way I'm going down that road again.

The first time I was asked the question I sided with the fascists. When Ronald Regan asked the question again in 1980 I sided with the good guys (not perfect - just good). I have been on the side of the good guys ever since.

A word to the wise Al, actively fighting fascism (you know - the throat slitters) will make you feel better than actively or passively supporting them.

If I had Faust's skills I'd be going where he is going. What I have to do to support the war lies along a different path. I'm a maker. So I help make the tools of war. Software I have written flys on the F-16. I'm working on other stuff as well.

Do I like all of Bush's plans and programs?


The drug war is stupid. Making churches and charities dependent on government is a bad idea. I have several other problems with his positions. But by god he fights the fascists. Their towers are coming down. And even if I can only pull on a thread I wish to add my energy and will to his.

Do you see how it is?

For the really important work men of good will (even those of bad character) will unite and die that other men might live free.

The men and women of Iraq are dying to vote. Bush and our valiant soldiers have given them the opportunity. I must stand with the Iraqi people, Bush, and our brave boys and girls. We don't sing of "the land of the free and the home of the brave" for nothing.

Stand up and be counted Al.

Stand up and be counted.


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