Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Cursing on stage at Inaugural Kids Concert

Using words uttered by Dick Cheney on the floor of the Senate, band Fuel, welcomed every one to the greatest xxx country in the world.

Republicans (and Democrats at the FCC) were outraged.

Well any way I guess they were saved from the evil Republican "Kid Rock".

The Weekly Standard has a nice bit about South Park Conservatives. The kind of people who might be at home at just such a concert. Are there problems in Republican paradise. You bet:

Is there a downside to the rise of South Park conservatism? I ask. "It can be," as its critics claim Anderson notes, "kind of nihilistic, profane, and vulgar." And, of course, "it will offend a lot of people." But, he says, "the biggest danger is that the activism and the attitude might replace an engagement with ideas."

Anderson continues: "You don't want to see it as a whole ethos of life. . . . If there weren't any respect for higher culture, it wouldn't be conservatism."
The Republicans are morphing.

Me? I'm a Jack Ryan Republican.

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