Sunday, January 30, 2005

Property Rights break out in Iraq

As some of you know I'm quite passionate about property rights being the foundation of a sound and growing economy. I'm a big DeSoto fan. Which is why this election report from Iraq is so interesting.

Now, and thanks to other humans, not from my area, religion and who don't even speak my language, I and all Iraqis have the real chance to make the change. Now I OWN my home and I can decide who's going to run things in it and how and I won't waste that chance. Tomorrow as I cast my vote, I'll regain my home. I'll regain my humanity and my dignity, as I stand and fulfill part of my responsibilities to this part of the large brotherhood of humanity. Tomorrow I'll say I'M IRAQI AND I'M PROUD, as being Iraqi this time bears a different meaning in my mind. It's being an active and good part of humanity.
The key point is that by owning his own home and ownership in general he has a stake in the future as well as the key to further prosperity. People will fight for what they own.

Could this be the unheralded key to the current and future success of Iraq?

Let us hope so.


Hat tip Power Line.

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