Monday, January 10, 2005

Over in Moonbat Land

Well some people just love watching a train wreck. I love watching DU.

And what do the good people at DU have to say about the CBS report on Rathergate?

Evidently there is a lot of learned helplesness going on over there

by tridim Mon Jan-10-05 03:45 PM

Well it's official, apparently CBS made up the entire Bush NG story

I've heard several newsbreaks on a few different radio stations (even AAR), and they all say that the story was and is discredited. The docs were fake and the content was fake. CBS apparently made it all up.

Rove: 1 - Truth: 0

I'm fuming mad right now. They were just busted for bribing Armstrong Williams with tax dollars, yet they still have the gall to close this story out with a mammoth lie. Sigh, I guess it's nothing new. I feel so helpless.
So he thinks the story that once was true is now being branded a lie. I am not sure what makes him feel so helpless. The truth or the fact that his beliefs are not being confirmed. Well he is a denizen of DU (1000+ posts). It could be both.

And then we have the timing is everything crowd. Why is this coming out now? The DU folks have an answer.
by itcfish1 Mon Jan-10-05 04:54 PM

17. Funny This Coming Out Now

When the Armstrong Williams story was growing legs.
CBS held on to this story and then released it just when it could help the Republicans the most. Uh. Huh. It coulda happened that way. Maybe an investigation is needed. LOL.

Ya see it is all the fault of the Republican TV networks. I got proof. Well maybe not proof. I do have a statement:
by TheGoldenRule Mon Jan-10-05 05:40 PM

18. This pisses me off!

Time to let CBS and all the other repuke networks that they've lost a viewer-though actually, I gave up on them all right after the election.

I hope everyone takes the time to do the same!
So there you have it. A Republican plot by the Republican media. Who writes their jokes? It is not a joke? Coulda fooled me.
by mbee Mon Jan-10-05 06:02 PM

21. Hey, it's not their fault since they are not allowed to actually

do investigative journalism. It's against pug law.
Let me see here. The investigation turns up inconvenient facts and it is not investigative journalism. Geeze. I had never looked at it that way before. Probably because I was dropped on my head as a kid. Or the whole lot of them were. Hard to imagine so many clumsy parents. Hard to imagine so many brain damaged kids. Maybe it was the brown acid. Or perhaps there are contacts missing. Like with reality.


Welcome Instapundit readers

Welcome DU fans.

BTW I was a Communist once long ago and far away. Hard to believe I know.


Anonymous said...

Take it from someone who's been watching leftists closely for over 30 years. (I used to be one)
You have to work at it to be that stupid. Really, really hard. People like to joke about delusional moonbats, but the reality is no joke. These "bats" wear their blinders proudly, yet still haven't learned how to use their compensatory ultrasound for getting around.

Anonymous said...

Does the malt vinigar I sprinkle on my fish n' chips count as brown acid? If so I'm in trouble.

triticale - the wheat / rye guy

Anonymous said...

The idiots at the DUmp have picked up on your blog.

Hey DUmmies, quit reading this and get back to making all the stupid comments you make, It's entertainment for many of us, and the policies you dolts advance are obviously the result of being the mental midgets that you are, so while you and your ideas are being ignored, at least you provide a few chuckles for those of us in the real world.

At CU, we have a whole forum dedicated to laughing at you. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

I hope they never change. What a bunch of loons. I never tire of laughing at them.

Anonymous said...

Both sides are like pathetic children. Grow up!

You people included.

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank DU for finding this blog and complaining about it. I find more good stuff by all the whinning at the DUmp than I ever could on google. Check out
for lots more DUmmy bashing.

Anonymous said...

DU folks were rather miffed that The New York Times referred to their site as a "blog" in a recent article that also referred to a dingbat comment made by one of DU's regular posters. On Monday, DU apologist, David Allen, sought to set the record straight by trying to weasel out of the responsibilty for what appears in DU's comment section.

In a letter to the Editor of NYT, (, Allen chortled, "Your article did not make clear that the message in question was posted by a completely anonymous individual, whose identity and political agenda are impossible to determine."

Apparently, Allen thought this little bit of fiction would go unnoticed. Those of us familiar with DU's registration process know that you must have a valid e-mail address to register and post in the comment section. So much for the "completely anonymous Individual" nonsense.

DU is also known for its infamous sleuthing to ferret out anyone insomuch as questioning the party line. Its policy is clear as a bell: "We ban conservative disruptors who are opposed to the broad goals of this website. If you think overall that George W. Bush is doing a swell job, or if you wish to see Republicans win, or if you are generally supportive of conservative ideals, please do not register to post, as you will likely be banned."

The poor commenters on DU tread on thin ice not to be caught saying anything subversive (the most common phrase on DU is, "I hope I don't get banned for saying this, but..."): "We reserve the right to ban anyone for any reason, and to delete any post for any reason.

"If you think someone is breaking any of the rules listed here, please click the "Alert" link on the offending post so a moderator can deal with it." Sounds a little totalitarian, doesn't it?

Obviously, the supposed "completely anonymous poster" who wasn't really anonymous who posted the dingbat post the NYT referred to is NOT a conservative.

Given the high praise DU commenters gave David Allen for his NYT "clarification" letter, we can see how easy DU members routinely get the wool pulled over their eyes.

But we see that at DU every day.

Anonymous said...

Democrats: Now with 20% more myopic zeal!

Anonymous said...

Rathergate was a small part of the DNC/MSM smear "FavoredSon". Rathergate was so badly done by Viacom that the smear died in two weeks.
Rod Stanton