Sunday, January 30, 2005

They don't represent Iraq

Sheer brilliance at the DU. Emphasis mine.

wadestock #21.
The essential problem still remains that the Shia majority win does not represent Iraq. The administration is narrow minded, interested in other things, and generally incompetent in such matters. They haven't even considered the most elementary ways to divide up power so as to appease the Sunni.
Oh wait. I get it. Bush got a majority and he does not represent the USA. The sheer fookin brilliance of it. From now on only the minority counts. After all isn't that how the Bolsheviks did it? The vanguard of the proletariat and all that.


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blueenclave said...

Hi M.Simon, I came over here from Matt Yglesias' blog.
A society is more democratic the more fair it is to minority groups. If a minority group does not vote because they feel they have nothing for which to vote, then the society is only partially democratic. This would apply to the supporters of Hamas and Islamic Jihad as well. Abu Mazen needs to assure that these people turn away from terrorism if he is to have a decent Palestinian state.