Monday, January 03, 2005

Gen X bitching

I was reading some interesting war stuff and came across a post by some Gen Xers. You know - the usual whine. The "Greatest Generation" screwed us. The "Boomers" screwed us. And now it is up to the morally purified Xers to clean up the mess. Well you know - gag me with a spoon - to quote the infamous Moon Unit Zappa.

Here is my response starting with the usual drug thingy rant:

LSD was a product of the "Greatest Generation". Albert Hoffman invented it in WW2 in Switzerland. Its first major use was by the CIA in the MK Ultra program. They liked giving it to people and then taping them having sex. Way cool for a government program no?

As to "Free Love" - you guys are just jealous.

And then we have Monica. My kind of girl. Zaftig. Well any way we have a Republican Congress spending about two years wagging the dick and every time ole Billy Boy said Osama the Republicans said: "Wag the Dog". I don't see who comes out the worse in that little political entertainment but I did get to say "blow job" and "cum stained" out loud at work without getting accused of sexual harrasment. I count that as a plus.

BTW for what it is worth I voted for Bush. But only because Larry Flynt wasn't running.

Oh. Yeah. Drugs. We are finding that people self medicate for PTSD by chronically taking drugs. It will come out in time that the biggest cause of drug abuse is PTSD induced by child abuse. The #2 cause these days will be the War. Which I support. (Iran soon - please).

BTW my kids like music from the 60s - it is about 1/2 of what they listen to. You might consider getting some of your gen. musically trained.

And then there is this internet thingy. Brought to you by boomers. About 1/2 of which at the time ('75 to '79) where hacking up a storm (when hacking was still a good thing) while doing copious quantities of pot and other drugs.

In fact some day when the real history of Silicon Valley is written we will find out that much of the early entreprenureal efforts were underwritten by illegal drug money.

Did I mention that the #2 of Microsoft from that era used to post copiously in the Drugs news group? Or the Jobs-Wozniak collaboration - they sold a VW Microbus to finance the first Apples. In that day and age who owned VW busses? Begins with an "h".

Well any way.

You ought to quit yer bitchin have some serious fun and DO SOMETHING.

Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n Roll. And the internet. Not a bad legacy.
Then he says that abortion is a terrible legacy. Well you know I have something to say about that too:
How to stop drugs:

Drug police.

How to stop abortion:

Vagina police.

I want to be an Inspector.

I think I have punished the Xers enough for one day.

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