Sunday, November 01, 2009

Why McCain Picked Palin

Eric Dondero of Libertarian Republican in the comments at Independent Political Report is discussing the 2008 Election. He talks about how Libertarian Candidate Bob Barr was surging in August and then explains why McCain chose Palin.

...why did Bob Barr get only 525,000 votes, versus the 2 to 3 million he was well on his way to garnering?

Two words:


Ryan Christiano, top staffer for John McCain for President confirmed to me in an email when directly asked 3 months after the campaign ended, that “yes” Sarah Palin was picked largely to appeal to “libertarian voters,” and to ward off Bob Barr.

Recall Barr was polling 5 to 6% in Zogby way up til late August.
So Sarah was very attractive to libertarian leaning voters. And if you believe the numbers she added 4 to 5% to McCain's totals. That is not insignificant.

Look at the numbers for the Presidential race. Obama got just short of 53%. McCain got just shy of 46% of the vote. Now imagine the attitude of The WON if McCain had been down around 41 or 42%. He has been insufferable already. With that kind of difference the Zer∅ would have been impossible.

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Unknown said...

this makes it more understandable why the democraps spend so much time energy and effort trying not just to counter sarah palin but to destroy her.

they always new the threat she posed was greater than any threat mcain could have posed alone or with any other republican sidekick.