Monday, November 16, 2009

Talking To A Lefty

I was talking with a green lefty with the typical punish business mentality and was commiserating with him about his recent job loss.

Sorry about your job loss. Maybe you will get on the lower taxes and less regulation bandwagon to give American companies a better environment to compete. And dude - be careful about that union thing. Think about Government Motors and Crisis Motors.

Or you could figure out more ways to raise company expenses and drive more jobs offshore. I'm aways amused at folks who work hard to cut their own throats and then complain that getting your personal throat cut hurts. It was supposed to be the other guy who got his throat cut. The fat cats.

But think of it positively. You did your part for the Greening of America.

Reminds me of a Russian Joke.

Genie: I will give you one request; anything you want. I will give your neighbor twice what I give you.
Peasant: Poke one of my eyes out.

Me? I would ask for a pile of gold and enjoy my neighbors good fortune.

So what would be the equivalent for you? Do everything in your power to increase corporate profit. Including stumping for lower corporate taxes. Less regulation. Simpler rules for hiring and firing.

Your punish business attitude is only punishing yourself.
It is surprising how common this attitude is in the the land of business. Greed drives the desire for profit and envy works to diminish it. I can see where greed limited by honest methods is a good thing. Envy that strives for punishment winds up poking your own eye out.

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