Friday, November 13, 2009

Dual Loyalties

Jews get accused a LOT of dual-loyalties. America AND Israel. Eric of Classical Values sent me a link to this url which shows it is Worse Than We Thought for some Christians.

Are you a Christian first and an American second?

Or an American first and a Christian second?

Do you take your marching orders from God or the constitution?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
I am a Christian American. I love my county but my God is more important. If the constitution contridits the Bible i guess i will have to break the law. please to not think that i hate my country...i am very patriotic! I JUST LOVE JESUS MORE. :]
Of course that is not the only dual loyalty around. Some people have a commitment to Theft by the State - commonly referred to as Socialism - over the Constitution. And a lot of those don't even claim to be patriotic, in fact just the opposite. They see patriotism as an impediment.

I'll take the patriots. Even if they have dual loyalties.

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