Monday, November 09, 2009

Fiscally Conservative Or Anti-Abortion

Eric at Classical Values has several posts up on how anti-abortion Republicans greased the way for passage of the health care bill in the House. You can read them at anti-abortion RINOs? Is there such a species? and The best way to keep something out of a government program? No program! and Federal crackdown leads to new improved fake penises!.

I have a few words to add - not because I can say it any better than Eric. I can't. I just want to vent. So where to start? Well it all starts with the anti-abortion lobby. The National Right to Life Committee. Now these people keep a list. And none of them will be missed. (I like the Groucho Marx version). Well what kind of lists? Lists on how every Congress Critter votes on every abortion issue. You can see the real friendly threatening letter NRLC sent to the House Tools. So let me explain the ins and outs. There was a provision in the bill mandating Federal Funding for abortion. If this had stayed in the bill there would not have been enough votes for the Health and Economy Destruction bill to pass. So of course with NRLC prodding the anti-abortion Ds and Rs get together (they have a majority) and take the Federal Funding of Abortion feature out of the bill and it is now clean enough to pass. And guess what abortion foes? The abortion feature can be air dropped in during reconciliation. Suckers.

All because of some Congress Critters being more afraid of the anti-abortion lobby than of the fiscal conservative lobby.

All for a crime that in all my and Eric's recent discussions of the abortion question, Defeating Libertarian Logic and No Man Can? and The Hobgoblin Of Little Minds, most anti abortion folks think should have a punishment roughly equivalent to misdemeanor manslaughter for the doctor. And the woman (the initiator and accomplice) goes free. Seriously? You want to create a black market for this? I get it Republican Socialism. Price supports for criminals. I suppose they are under represented and there does seem to be a certain affinity between politicians and criminals. So there is that.

The Republicans are the anti-abortion Party and that takes priority over everything else. Which says social conservatives are reverting to their Progressive roots. I have been hearing in my conversations around the 'net that Social Conservatives are the only reliable economic conservatives every time I voice a complaint about socon's real ambitions. I guess I was right. Socons are NOT reliable economic conservatives. But if you need a vote against abortion well they are 100% reliable.

Perhaps a little work on them with a LARGE size Ream and Clean™ will get them to see things in a different light.

Because I'm beyond disgusted.

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