Monday, November 30, 2009

Blood And Gore

Yeah. I know you are not going to believe this, but David Blood and Al Gore have written a piece for the Financial Times. They ask why businesses don't focus more on the long term. News flash for Blood and Gore. If you are not in business next week it makes no difference at all what your plans for next year are. With that out of the way a look at some of the comments to this bit of Blood soaked Gore might be in order.

1. Metro586 | November 27 2:19am

Al Gore should give his Nobel Peace Prize back.

2. lily | November 27 2:20am

plaasjaapie I completely agree. I don't know why people continue to take this man seriously and even less why the MSM as well continue to treat him like a hero. Maybe it all fits into their own agenda somehow.

3. Dipperdap | November 27 2:20am

I'm ashamed that AlGore is from Tennessee. He and his pseudo-science are nothing but a fabrication and he is the liar an chief of all of it. Its going to be fun to watch this snake oil salesmen squirm when the fraud trials start. ITS ALL A LIE.

4. unwedmatter | November 27 2:23am

The predictions, the extrapolations, the very claims advanced by this warming movement, are now exposed as bogus....N.Z., NASA and CRU, can no longer be trusted. Fool us once.....

5. paultrommer | November 27 2:24am

How can the FT actually climb in bed with this con man? He is selling snake oil and you give him a forum? Pretty sad.

23. One_American | November 27 3:33am

Al Gore is in dire need of a thorough tar and feathering, followed by an uncomfortable ride on a rail where the general public throws rotten garbage in his face.

This "Global Warming" scam will go down as the biggest fraud in the history of mankind - and Al Gore and the rest of the O-Bow-Mao Marxist policy enablers and whining leftist money-grubbing thieves will be the ridicule of many generations to come - and America and the world will be much better off when it comes to pass.
The Financial Times leans left (why else would they publish Gore?) but it appears they are out of touch with their audience.

The topper in my mind (of the ones I have read so far) is this little Gem where Gore enters Palin Territory.
24. Adam Smith | November 27 3:41am |

Why would anybody listen to the insane rantings of such an incredibly stupid person?
In my short perusal of the comments I didn't find any Gore supporters. But there are about 180 comments total.

After looking further I did find one. #57. The commenter comes up with a most excellent argument. It is all Bush's fault. Lulz. Luzer.