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Israeli Settlers Shelter Gay Palestinian

An Orthodox Jewish family shelters a gay Palestinian.

Here’s a wild story, courtesy of YNet. T is a gay Palestinian who for the past 10 years has been living in Israel with his partner, an Israeli Jew named Doron. A few days ago, he heard that his father was ill, and he ventured across the border into the West Bank to visit him. When he tried to return, however, the IDF told him his permit had been lost, maybe revoked. T was stuck: he couldn’t go back home to Israel, and he couldn’t return to his village, for fear of being murdered because he is openly gay.

T was offered shelter by an Orthodox Jewish family, living in one of the settlements in the West Bank. Thanks to a generous, humanitarian gesture by one of those evil, nasty, gun-toting, messiah-heralding, baby-producing, Bible-thumping settlers, T has hope and room to breathe.
You have to wonder what organizations like Queers for Palestine hope to accomplish. Of course the gay community is not monolithic on the subject.
What makes QUIT and their slogan “Queers for Palestine” such foolish rhetoric is that these gay people's affinity for Palestine is clearly unrequited. If these “queers” want to march around with their delusional banners for Palestine then they are free to make that irrational mistake. But do they think Palestine is for them? Queers for Palestine = laughable. Palestine for queers = horrendous torture and death.
Anti-gay bigotry in America, despicable though it is, is very mild by comparison. The difficulty is, that over time such bigotry can morph into something worse. Much worse. "Undesirables" didn't suddenly find themselves in German death camps over night. First the ground was prepared. The hate was intensified. And then the trains started rolling.
Although many gays across the world are not members of these organizations, they basically share their views. I have met hundreds of them, whether I am home in New York or abroad in Europe. This is the frightening part -- some gay people hate Jews to the point that they are ready to unite with people who are killing their own kind to fight and protest what they consider a common enemy. They would make a pact with their own enemy, with their own murderers, against the Jewish state.

This is what “Queers for Palestine” is for. In response, the homosexual and Jewish communities should unite against Islam; for it is the Muslims who seek the death of all gays and Jews.
I take a look at the progression from hate to mass murder in a piece on the drug war called How To Put An End To Drug Users. Or if you prefer a book:

Drug Warriors and Their Prey: From Police Power to Police State

You start with hate and wind up with crimes against humanity. So does this mean I favor hate crime laws? Hell No. What I ask is that people look into their hearts.

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RavingDave said...

Homosexuals can be surprisingly intelligent. From what i've read of them, they are normally way above average in intelligence, and way above average in income.

There is a website called the "Gay Patriot" which occasionally scoops other blogs, and occasionally has a good story or comment.

That being said, it is the theme of the "Twilight Zone" I hear whenever the idea comes up that they're normal.

My current working theory is that they are a group of psychosis inflicted people with a high level of functionality. Kinda like a financial genius that thinks he's Napoleon.

Yeah, they can be clever and smart, they can be insightful and talented, but they're still nuts!

M. Simon said...

Well RD,

If homosexuality is abnormal there are a LOT of abnormal animals out there inflicted with psychosis. I wonder how that happened? Bad parenting no doubt.

Homosexual Behavior In Animals.

And once you start in with abnormal it is only a few more steps (which will take time) to get to extermination camps.

So why if homos can't reproduce are they still with us?

A study published last week in PLoS One tackles the question. It starts with four curious patterns. First, male homosexuality occurs at a low but stable frequency in a wide range of societies. Second, the female relatives of gay men produce children at a higher rate than other women do. Third, among these female relatives, those related to the gay man's mother produce children at a higher rate than do those related to his father. Fourth, among the man's male relatives, homosexuality is more common in those related to his mother than in those related to his father.

Can genes account for these patterns? To find out, the authors posit several possible mechanisms and compute their effects over time. They conclude that only one theory fits the data. The theory is called "sexually antagonistic selection." It holds that a gene can be reproductively harmful to one sex as long as it's helpful to the other. The gene for male homosexuality persists because it promotes—and is passed down through—high rates of procreation among gay men's mothers, sisters, and aunts.

You know - I would figure you - of all people - would look at the science before spouting off. But I would be wrong. Once you "know the answer" no need to look further.

RavingDave said...

I'm familiar with both of these works. The "Animals are Homosexual too! " argument is full of false equivalencies, while the second argument makes no better a case for homosexuality being normal than it would for hemophilia.

It MIGHT be an inherited effect, but one could argue the same for any other detrimental effect such as a propensity to commit crimes.

Indeed, liberals used to argue for the existence of a "Crime Gene."

So what? Various OTHER forms of dementia are also inheritable.

As far as the "extermination camps" goes, that is of course rhetoric meaning to provoke an emotional response and argument as opposed to a reasoned one.

Prior to 1973, Homosexuals WERE kept in mental hospitals as far back in human history as you care to go. Yeah, they were sometimes terrible, but no where near the level of Auschwitz.

As far as me "spouting off" is concerned, I think i've researched this subject probably more than 95% of the population. I have put forth what I regard as an informed and reasoned opinion, albeit one that is very unpopular nowadays.

The emotional response nowadays is to regard them as poor persecuted victims of society who can't help that they have a non productive sexual attraction.

It glosses over the fact that there is much that is extremely ugly in this area.

Diseases, Suicide and child molestation to name a few.