Friday, November 06, 2009

Libertarian Republican Election News

Libertarian Republican has some excellent news for Constitutional Republicans. You know, small government, low spending.

I'm just going to give short excerpts. Follow the links for details.

Republicans sweep Westchester County, New York on Anti-Tax message

Voters ousted Democratic supervisors in Yorktown and Lewisboro and elected GOP majorities in both towns, as they did in North Castle, North Salem and Somers. A 24-year-old Republican even cracked the all-Democratic Ossining Town Board.

As one specific example, Yorktown shifted from a Town Board of 4-1Democrat to 3-2 Republican.

The issues that caused the stunning GOP Wins? Taxes and the Economy.
And what about that Libertarian thing?
Democrat elected officials have become such a pariah in this heavily Blue New York City suburb that one Democrat even got beat by a Libertarian.

And there is more. Libertarian "RINO" wins County Council seat in Erie, Pennsylvania.
Total of 8 Libertarian Victories throughout Pennsylvania

Bill Beeman is a former Libertarian Party member. He recently switched parties to Republican, and became the non-establishment GOP nominee for County Council District 6 in Erie, Pennsylvania. He was staunchly opposed by the local establishment.
Libertarian Republican goes on to discuss the other seven wins. Follow the link.

Maybe this has something to do with my suggestion that Republicans need a rebranding campaign.

Smaller government and lower spending.

And this time we really mean it.

We are coming to get you elected bastards who think you are our masters. This is America you sons of bitches and the People Are The Masters. You are our servants. Get it mofos?

I was listening to Song Of The Warrior when I wrote this. Can you tell?

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Eric Dondero said...

The establishment Republicans aligned with local Democrats are coming after Beeman. They're gonna try to get him kicked off his Council seat cause of his past record as a Tax Protester and refusal to pay city fines for violations of codes he found objectionable.

Libertarians of all stripes need to unite to defend him!