Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ayn Rand On The Middle East

More Ayn Rand videos. The above video is from 1979. Obviously well before our current dust ups in the Middle East.

And don't forget her novels:

The Fountainhead

Atlas Shrugged

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RichardBarnes said...

Although I have to disagree with Rand about the right of Israel to enforce scientific, technological and economic advances onto the preexisting arab peoples, her final response to Phil's question is classic Rand and excellent - intellectual disagreement is one thing and can be dealt with by applying more accurate information and more logically-consistent reason, however, conflict resorting to physical force is a betrayal of civilization. The only way one can justify the initiation of physical force and coercion in human relationships is to forego any claims to being civilized. Savage brutes, of course, are free to live savagely if they choose and die savagely as a consequence. The genuinely civilized refuse to abandon reason as a more efficient, more peaceful, less destructive means of survival.

Unfortunately, the Israelis are guilty of physical brutality and have no warrant to brand the "arabs" monsters. It's about like the pot calling the kettle black and Rand is incorrect in her original point. Yes, it's difficult to satisfyingly deny that science, technology, and economic progress are good ... but NOT if it is forced upon you. Her recorded statements regarding the European invasion of the Americas was the same and I disagree with her on this point too. She herself made the very good point that it is the right of a more primitive person to live primitively if it is their choice. Certainly, you can introduce them to demonstrably better ways to live, however, if they choose to live the old ways, you MUST respect that. Unfortunately, human history is rife with the actions of the self-righteous imposing a "better" life on the primitive and, by doing so, themselves make an argument against their claims of "better".

M. Simon said...

Except I'm reminded of the Mohamed Ali comment after touring Africa.

He said he was glad his ancestors were forced on the boat. Meaning of course a slave ship.

It is not strictly the Black and white proposition you claim it is.

As for the Israelis - there was a huge peace movement there from about the mid 90s to about 2003 or so. Now the % of the population that believes the Arabs want peace is a remnant. The Israelis were willing to come to terms. The Palestinians not so much.

And Israel harbors more than a few gay Palestinians from the murderous impulses of their brethren.

I'm Jewish and at one time was pro Palestinian. Now a days not so much. If the Palis insit on attacking their neighbors, the Israelis, Israel is justified in using what ever force is required to make them cease and desist.

Wars end sooner if one side or the other applies disproportionate force.