Friday, November 06, 2009

Fort Hood Murders

Eric at Classical Values has a great minute by minute view of the unfolding news.

Eric towards the end of his post speculates some so let me give my opinion:

Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a Palestinian. He had a radical Imam.

He suffered from Sudden Jihad Syndrome.


Unknown said...

Is this murder, Simon ?

This guy was simply doing what he thought was right. What, in fact, 1 billion people think is right.

So shouldn't it simply be made lawful to do this ?

After all, that's what you're advocating in the abortion thread. Not that I seriously expect you to see that.

M. Simon said...

I'm with you Tom.

The Death Penalty for abortion. It is murder. And since there is no statute of limitations on murder I'd like to offer up my beloved wife who had an abortion before I met her.

I believe there are at least 20 million women who need to be offed. We can't start soon enough to cleanse the nation of this evil.

M. Simon said...

And don't start hemming and hawing Tom. Have the courage of your convictions. Don't be some lily livered sniveling weakling. Stand up for your convictions like a man.

Abortion is premeditated murder and deserves the death penalty for all involved.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was jihad but I'm not so sure of the sudden part.
We'll see.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget about all the women who miscarry. In fact, those of you who believe in an omnipotent Creator who controls all events in the universe should certainly demand a righteous death for the Creator himself, since He (it certainly can't be a She, of course) allowed these miscarriages to happen to these poor, defenseless, unborn children.

Shameful Creator.