Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Agree With MoveOn.org

MoveOn.org doesn't like Democrats voting against nationalized health care.

Last week the left-wing activist group MoveOn announced that it had raised $3.6 million to attack any Democratic senator who does not fully support "health care with a public option." Now, MoveOn is raising money to attack the House Democrats who voted against Obama-PelosiCare.

"We won a big victory on health care on Saturday when the House of Representatives passed a bill that includes a public health insurance option," writes MoveOn's political team. "But dozens of conservative Democrats sided with Big Insurance to vote against it."

MoveOn says it is essential to show those conservative Democrats that "voters will make them pay a political price for standing in the way of health care reform." Therefore, MoveOn is "rushing to launch a major new TV ad campaign in the home districts of Democrats who voted against the bill."
At this point I'm against Democrats. (well I don't like Republicans much either - but still) So my issues are a little broader. I think I have to say that I'm at least in full agreement with MoveOn.org on this narrow issue. At minimum these Democrats have to go. And a few replacement Republicans (Instapundit likes Arie Friedman, MD for the Illinois 10th) wouldn't hurt either.