Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cheaper And Easier To Find

The Charlotte Observer has a story about a new way to herd junkies. Interesting in and of itself. But this bit really caught my eye:

When officers knocked on Ross' door Thursday afternoon, dogs started barking before the door opened.

"Are you a heroin user, sir?" an officer asked.

"I used to be," said Ross.

Ross, 30, who didn't want his last name published to protect his identity, said a girlfriend introduced him to the drug. He was already on painkillers, but heroin was cheaper and easier to find.
Some one care to tell me again how well drug prohibition is doing in keeping drugs away from people who want them?

Pot is easier for kids to get than beer. How is that possible? In theory pot is impossible to get and beer is only restricted.

America is a nation of law breakers. It puts limits on what government can actually accomplish. I like that. Politicians and crusaders need to keep in mind that without 99%+ voluntary compliance laws are in effect unenforceable. And in some cases not even 99%+ is enough.

I do find the faith in government guns as a viable solution to social problems interesting. It always starts out with turn the guns on the other guy and then goes bad from there. And always the refrain "This time it will be different." Yeah. Right.

H/T Drug Policy Forum of Texas

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