Saturday, November 07, 2009

Financial Advice

You Goldbugs need to stop listening to Gordon Liddy. The only metals worth collecting right now are brass, copper and lead.

Overheard in the comments at a blog.


Richard Sharpe said...

Do you mean in the form of small round objects called cartridges?

M. Simon said...

That is possible. It could also be a guide to metals investing. The commenter left no indication.

J Carlton said...

i think Mrs Liddy takes care of the brass, copper & lead in the Liddy family. Something to do with a small incident Gordon had with the law in the past.

Anonymous said...

Copper scrap is up a bit lately which is good but that damn lead and brass in finished form is hard to come by thus running the price up to levels not seen before. The price in Ca is stupid but soon the African-American market will take over now that they have a new law forbidding more than one box of hand held bang stick lead/brass items to be purchased each month.
Look for an even more vigorous market for home mfg of brass/lead items.