Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Obama Poison In Texas

Libertarian Republican reports.

Libertarian Republican has just learned that 73 elected officials on the county level throughout Texas have just switched, are in the process of switching, and will be switching by the end of the week, from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party. The news comes to us from Bryan Preston, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Texas out of Austin.
And the reason given?
"Obama's name is becoming poison here in Texas."
Well Nancy Pelosi said that 2010 would be a tough year for Democrats. What she wasn't counting on was that 2009 might not be so hot either.

So what about these new Republicans? Opportunists. Still. It does tell us where the opportunity lies. At least in Texas.

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Unknown said...

I just shared your story with a local conservative group here in Texas. We have to be aware of this and vet candidates carefully, or we will be full of RINO's.