Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Totalitarians always find some group characteristic that is "objectionable" and use it to have a nice little pogrom on the group.

Schizophrenics take drugs. Alcohol and cigarettes in excess. They seem to also like other drugs to self medicate. Pot being among the more popular. Heroin for those with more serious trouble.

Our war on drugs is just another way to punish the mentally ill for being deviants.

Totalitarian. A modernized eugenics movement. We don't have to sterilize them, we can put them in jail. Kinder and gentler.

About 70% of female heroin addicts have been sexually abused. A good portion of the male heroin addicts fall into the same category. A lot of the people you see at the methadone clinic are victims of sexual abuse. Others are no doubt victims of other trauma. Obviously they deserve further punishment for taking heroin to relieve their pain.

Totalitarian indeed.

Every society seems to need its devils. Our devils are abused children and the mentally ill. Swell. Just swell.

Excuse me for not falling into line, but the Emperor is naked and covered with feces and is followed by a horde of flies. Not a parade I'd care to join.

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Unknown said...

There is something to say for the reverse argument.

They certainly did not take heroin to "relieve their pain". They took heroin to escape reality. Obviously that doesn't work, so they need more drugs. Escaping reality, their original intent, becomes their all-trumping purpose, that justifies theft, ...

They DID make a terribly wrong choice.

And btw, I don't advocate pogromming anyone. It's just that heroin is not used to "lessen psychological pain", it's a failed attampt at escaping it.

Only work and attempting to build a family through hard work will eliminate the pain - if you're lucky. That's just the way of the world.

M. Simon said...


I have never taken heroin.

However, if you have never been a victim of child abuse you have no idea.

None at all.


It is very strange that so many know absolutely what is good for other people.

The world is full of totalitarian wannabees. Sorry to see you are one of them. My condolences.

Anonymous said...

Were you an abused child? I was a victim of an alcoholic, physically and verbally abusive parent for nearly 20 years. However, I knew that I had a choice to drink, a choice to used drugs. And I chose not to -- apparently that makes me totalitarian in your eyes? You make it sound as though everyone who abuses drugs is a victim of something beyond their control. In your view, do people have no free will?

M. Simon said...


Genetics makes a big difference in how people respond.

Some get over it easily others don't. To assume from your experience the reaction of others is hubris.

May I suggest reading:

Addiction Is A Genetic Disease

PTSD and the Endocannabinoid System

Check out the Max Planck Institute link re: the CB1 receptor in the PTSD post. You cannot possibly understand what is going on without educating yourself. This is due to your having been fed a steady diet of lies your whole life.

And yes. If you wish to punish people for their personal failures (as opposed to direct harm to others - such as violence, theft, or fraud) you are a totalitarian.

As they used to say in Colonial days. Mind your own business. Let others take care of theirs as they see fit.

Anonymous said...

From your posts, it appears that you are either:

1. A former drug/alcohol addict
2. Parent of a child addicted to drugs
3. Spouse of an addict
4. Victim of child abuse

Regardless of which of these represent you, it is very apparent why you feel the need to blog so much. I hope you get the help you so desperately need.

M. Simon said...

Thank you for your concern.

If you care so much, send money.

M. Simon said...

BTW I hate seeing people persecuted.

I suppose it is just the Jew in me.

Sadly so many Good Germans like you are quite happy to join in the persecutions or sit idly by and watch while loudly proclaiming "it isn't happening here".

The world is never in short supply of good Germans. Thanks for proving my thesis.


Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Gentle Jew...I wonder where your stash is hidden. Break it out the reefers and let's celebrate your concern for the persecuted minority! Puff...puff...puff!

Rae Ann said...

Wow, it's amazing how violently some people object to people making their own choices about drugs and medications. Just because one person chooses not to drink or smoke or take some other drug (prescription or otherwise) doesn't mean that he has the right to tell others that they can't. Freedom means having to tolerate differences.