Friday, October 26, 2007

100,000 Free Copies

The author of I Wanna Go Home, Karridine, has authorized me to give away 100,000 free copies of the song to our men and women in the military for personal use only. However, recipients of a free copy can let anybody listen to it if they want. Members of the military can put it on their i-pod, use it on their computer, or make one CD.

To get your free copy just send me an e-mail. The address is on the sidebar. Your free copy will be delivered by e-mail - about 2.1 Megs.

I can send out about 500 to 1,000 copies a day. So if yours doesn't arrive right away be patient.

If you are in a hurry and can't wait to Get a copy then Click here - I Wanna Go Home. The author has given permission to those currently serving in the military who buy the song to share it with nine of their best buddies, wives, husbands, parents, or children.

You can find out more about the song and watch a video of the first minute and thirty seconds at I Wanna Go Home. There is also a link to the lyrics so you can sing along.

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Chris said...

Hi! Thanks for posting the first 30 seconds, Loved it, and can't wait to hear the rest. Please pass along my thanks and the thanks of my family to Karridine. I'm currently blogging, so if it is better to send me a review copy as a blogger so that more troops can enjoy it, make it so!