Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Voters

I do believe human life begins at conception.

There are now millions of fertilized embryos frozen in liquid nitrogen in America.

I propose we thaw them at once and get millions of new pro life voters in 18 or 19 years.

The sooner the better.

Inspired by the discussion at Captain's Quarters


Reliapundit said...

what is conceived at conception if it is not a human life?

all other times are arbitrary.

a fertilized egg is a unique human with a unique dna - just like you.

frozen embryo adoption works; it should be used more.

science should find a way for a mother to terminate her pregnancy without terminating the baby.

by extracting a fertilized embryo and freezing for reimplantation.

it's a win-win-win:

the mother who doesn't want to go to term gets to end her pregnancy -

a mother who cannot conceive gets pregnant -

the baby lives.

what's wrong with that?

abortion, euthanasia, postmodernism (and its concomitant moral relativism and multicultutralism) nihilism and anarchism all cheapen life. demean it.

if all humans are endowed by the Creator with inalienable rights these begin when the unique human does.

instead of morning after pills women will one day get their fertilized eggs extracted & frozen

and maybe re-implanted in themselves when they are ready.


Anonymous said...

Let's definately thaw 'em out -- we're gonna need them neocons to waste us some Arabs!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEE HHHHAAAAWWWW!

Fire 'em up MSimon!!!!

(gunshots in the background)

M. Simon said...

It appears that the appropriate Arabs are getting wasted in Iraq.

No need to thaw out American embryos out for that purpose.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, shove it down their throats baby!!! All those women and children deserve what they get! Filthy A-RABS!!!

Shit, where in the hell did I put my joint??!!!

M. Simon said...

I think your joint is in your pants.

Too bad you can't find it.

My condolences.

Anonymous said...

Can't I just borrow another from your "medicinal" stash? Or have you already smoked that up?

M. Simon said...

Why would you want to get your hand on my joint? Do you always proposition strangers? Do you prefer going after people you don't like? Strange fetish that.

Anonymous said...

It's odd how you are reverting to homosexuality. Such a totalitarian, you are. Level with us, did you and your Navy buddies smoke up and engage in a few games of "butt pirates" below deck on the USS Cutty Sark back in the 60's? It's ok, we understand the pain you must be going through trying to be a flag waving conservative and hide your homosexuality. Better go get some "medicine" to ease your pain. Run along now....