Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Medical Totolitarianism

Dan Rhiel is discussing the recent dust up about the socialized medicine poster children. I have some thoughts on the subject:

What happens when some government junk scientist discovers that eating carrots is bad for you? Carrot rationing.

Or suppose they decide pot is good for you? You will be forced to consume your daily ration in front of a government agent. To keep health care costs down.

And I f****n' hate pot prohibition.

We are on the edge of totalitarianism with this stupid government run medicine.

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Cormac said...

I just find it funny that more "right wing" leaning people tend to attack the people and sling mud instead of disputing the facts, which is beautifully illustrated there.

M. Simon said...


Were you referring to me?

I was talking about the ultimate consequences of socialized medicine.

We are already seeing what I have predicted in Britain. I'll see if I can find the link. Didn't find the Britain link. I did find:

In the recent past, I discovered that reducing my saturated fat and caloric intake actually lowered my weight, waist size and cholesterol level! I added a regular workout plan to the mix and I lost more weight and actually feel healthier.

Imagine that - I actually could control my health by implementing lifestyle changes.

Here's the tricky part that requires some effort - I have to continue to watch my diet or else I will regain the weight and the accompanying health problem. Yes, I actually have to make sure not to eat Big Macs or Krispy Kreme doughnuts twice a day. Can I do it? Do I have free will? Do you?

The thing is...I could care less if you are obese, smoke or drink grain alcohol. You are not hurting anyone but yourself.

It's your body.

It becomes my business when government forces me to pay for your bad behaviors, as the supporters of socialized health care propose.

From War On Fat which has more links.

Insurance is priced according to risk factors. With taxes it is one size fits all. So if you are overweight my taxes are going up. Therefor how you live is now my business.

M. Simon said...

I found it:

Smokers and Obese banned

Certain hospitals in the UK who have imposed a ban on smokers and the obese from receiving particular treatments have been defended for their action by the Health Secretary.

Patricia Hewitt says it is a perfectly legitimate clinical decision for primary care trusts (PCT) to set a collective policy to deny operations to certain patients.

Miss Hewitt's comments were made in response to a survey which found nine PCTs refused joint replacements to obese patients and four blocked orthopaedic surgery for smokers.

The minister says hospitals are entitled to get together with their doctors on any particular area of clinical judgement and decide which guidelines are put in place, and the issue is one for doctors to decide.

The National Health Service helps smokers quit and Hewitt says if that is the doctor's advice operations should be postponed until patients have stopped smoking.

The Health Secretary's comments are opportune as they have been voiced amid growing calls for the NHS to take a tougher line on heavy smokers and the seriously overweight.