Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Sound Proposition

You start knocking over nations that support or harbor terrorists and sooner or later nations get the idea that it is not wise to support or harbor terrorists.

Seems like a sound proposition to me.

I can understand why so many Euros don't like the idea. The Euros couldn't even handle such a proposition in their own back yard.

Not to worry. Americans have a lot of experience with this sort of thing, and we are getting better at it all the time. Practice makes perfect.

Inspired by the comments to a post about Islamic Fascism Awareness Week at The Reference Frame.


Snake Oil Baron said...

America is getting better at it but the ability to reconstruct a failed state is just as important and needs some work. America has expended much effort and dedication in Iraq and Afghanistan and not without payoff. But reconstruction ability and technology is an area that is in need of some serious R&D. There needs to be far more bang received for the reconstruction bucks spent and since such research would also serve ordinary development projects (outside of war zones) and disaster relief programs, it ought to be of interest to everyone.

I agree with knocking over states that harbor terrorists but preventing failed states from proliferating is at least as important.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

I linked to this post here.

Snake Oil Baron said...

"I linked to this post here."

And misrepresented the post. There is a distinction between approving of "knocking over nations" and approving of "knocking over nations that support terrorism".

You took a quote out of a post of only around a hundred words and could not represent it correctly. I like that.

I suppose there is some kind of context that would make the use of "Limp Weenie" seem less juvenile but since you have left out the context everyone reading your post will have to assume that the 'juvenile' explanation is the best one. Name-calling is best left to people who can at least be somewhat clever about it. The fact that you did not know that you were portraying yourself as a fifth grade D-level student by using the term is what makes it amusing.

Thanks for the laugh.

M. Simon said...


I think he is the guy who has been posting all kinds of limp weenie comments and generally making fun of my interest in Bussard fusion.

Now I have an address.

I like the fact that he linked to the Bussard Fusion video bit I did.

That should give his moonbat friends something that should strain their brain cell.

linearthinker said...

My point is not to quibble with Snake Oil Baron's comment that "...the ability to reconstruct a failed state is just as important and needs some work."

I only would point out that for all the leftist ballyhoo about the perceived failures of the Bush efforts, no other nation in the world would undertake the mission in the first place, and having learned from the effort, we're likely to be an order of magnitude more effective the next time it's necessary. And, don't forget that the midcourse corrections are showing increasing potential for working. It's not a perfect world.

To the baron's closing line, I'd simply say ya gotta start somewhere. If we need a little OJT in accomplishing world hegemony, so what? If they don't like it, screw 'em.