Monday, October 22, 2007

Referral Log Oddities

I wrote a piece a while back called Jewish Porn Sweeps Arab World about how Arab Moslem culture is being subverted by Jewish Porn. So I'm looking at my referrer logs as I do from time to time to see what interests readers and found that someone was searching Google for "jew porn" and my site came up. It came up #10 with that piece. Wow. I guess that makes me a porn mogul - without the pictures or the money.

So I thought I'd do a little more research and visit some of the other sites that came up. I came up with a site that lists the top 10 Jewish porn movies and porn web sites. Only mildly interesting because my Hebrew is insufficient to get most of the jokes. Then I looked in the comments and came up with this one. Something every one can understand. It should have been #10 on the list or higher. Much higher.

How can you leave out the most popular and most realistic of all Jewish Porno Sites? Debbie Does Nothing.

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Gayle said...

ROTF! You are too funny! :)