Monday, October 15, 2007

Putting Children Into A Deep Freeze Is Torture

There are several million embryos frozen in liquid nitrogen. I propose we thaw them all, right now and let their life continue. It is immoral to keep them frozen. They are being imprisoned without due process. Its unConstitutional. End the prisons for children at once. Thaw the embryos.

Prompted by Jaw-Dropping Demagoguery and Can Rudy Talk The Pro-Life Crowd Into His Corner?

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Anonymous said...

Damn, based on your insight I just realized that the eggs in my refrigerator are needlessly suffering!! Think of all the fuzzy little chicks that could be enhancing the lives of countless hens and roosters everywhere!

I shall embark on a mission to set them free! FREE ALL FUTURE CHICKS!

Anonymous said...

Did know that if you put a little liquid ball of LN2 into your mouth the phenomenon of film boiling will allow you to maintain the LN2 without freezing your tongue, cheeks, and teeth (at least for a while)? This will allow a blowhard moron like you to generate a 20 ft plume of vapor spewing from your big mouth which should impress your feeble minded followers. Of course, you might want to line up a good dentist beforehand.

M. Simon said...

I shall embark on a mission to set them free! FREE ALL FUTURE CHICKS!


M. Simon said...

This will allow a blowhard moron like you to generate a 20 ft plume of vapor spewing from your big mouth which should impress your feeble minded followers.

Glad to be able to count you among my followers.

Anonymous said...

Oh, anything you say Master. How about we make a big sign for your blog:

"Welcome to Msimon's School of Puffery"

Anonymous said...

A follower of you? Sorry, I never received any of the key subscription gifts:

1. Magical Pathological Science 8-Ball...also known as the 'MPS-8B'. I hear the Navy is supplying this to all True Believers.

2. 16-Oz Bottle of Polywater

3. Lifetime supply of Pot.

M. Simon said...

If you are not a follower what are you doing here?

The evidence that you are a follower in fact shows up by your very presence and commenting. To believe otherwise is a form of mental illness.

My condolences. Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Since you insist on being perpetually stupid with your definitions, the dictionary defines a 'follower' as:

"a person who follows another in regard to his or her ideas or belief; disciple or adherent"

Exactly what, in anything I have written/commented about leads you to believe that I "follow" you?

My condolences on your ignorance of the English language.

M. Simon said...

Ah, you forgot the other definition.

One who chases after.

It is not necessary to be an adherent to be a follower.

Obviously you didn't get that far in the dictionary.

English must not be your first language. I'll try to go slower next time. So you can follow.

Anonymous said...

Not all of us.

Can write.

In sentence fragments.

At your level.

Of expertise.

I would like to suggest that you at least try the LN2 experiment -- perhaps you'll swallow it and the world can then receive a tangible benefit from your efforts on this blog.

linearthinker said...

[Theme music to Twilight Zone in background.]

Voice of Rod Serling: Picture if you will a dorm room at a second tier state teachers college. Inside that room a student sits doggedly at his desk, ignoring his homework, while drafting pithy comments which he posts anonymously at an internet blogsite. Little does he realize that he entered this scene shortly after completing his freshman year, but will never enter his junior year. He is, you see, the permanent sophomore...

Reliapundit said...





the Snowflake program is REAL.

why do you scoff at human life?

you degrade yourself.

you are no jon swift.

you are a pothead in deep denial.

Anonymous said...

Oh look, how cute. MSimon's Legion of Puffery is rallying to his aid! Linearthinker, it appears you are as brainless and full of hot air as Msimon -- birds of a feather, I guess.

As to the dorm room stuff, try looking in the mirror moron: your rambling blog is so bloated with mindless nonsense that it could only be created by someone who has way, way to much free time on his hands. If you're old and washed up like Msimon, try baking some bran muffins to help with the mental and physical constipation.

linearthinker said...

Where's the love?

Old and in the way,
that's what I heard them say
They used to heed the words he said,
but that was yesterday
Gold will turn to gray and youth will fade away
They'll never care about you, call you old and in the way

Once I hear tell, he was happy
He had his share of friends and good times
Now, those friends have all passed on
He don't have a place called home
Looking back to a better day, feeling old and in the way...

Heh, Heh, Heh, Heh, Heh....

[Laughter fades into the distance]