Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How Is Failure Different From Success?

Meryl Yourish has a bit up on the upcoming Mideast Summit.

American efforts to bridge the gaps between Israel and the Palestinians to culminate in a summit at the end of November are being met by skepticism in the Arab and Muslim worlds according to Jeffrey Fleishman of the LA Times.
Of course the Arabs are sceptical. The Arabs will always be sceptical until Israel ceases to exist. As Meryl put it so cleverly:
The article emphasizes the Arab weakness and parrots the line that the failure of the summit would only “embolden the extremists.” (It seems that every “successful” Israeli peace effort - such as withdrawing from Lebanon or from Gaza, or allowing Fatah into Gaza and Jericho - has “emboldened the extremists” too, so how failure would differ from success is unclear.)
You go girl.

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