Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Wanna Go Home

If for some reason the embeded video is not available you can still find it at You Tube.

This is a video done by my friend Karridine. It made me cry when I first heard it. Hope you like it.

Here is a little about him and why he did the video.
Karridine enlisted at age 17 to follow his father's example and serve in Korea. After a year's study at the DLI in Monterey, CA, learning Korean language, Karridine served in the Army Security Agency, working atop a mountain on an island on the Korean DMZ. When the USS Pueblo was captured, Karridine was one of three people handpicked by NSA to fly back to Korea and guide the follow-up there. He got his Honorable Discharge after 4 years service in late1968.

Karridine wrote "Wanna Go Home" as his supportive contribution during the Battle of Baghdad, long after he was refused further service. Knowing how lonely it can get on the front lines, or just far from home, Karridine wove this story of the normal American GI's desire to go home, AFTER completing the mission, AFTER making a positive difference in the field.
The full song is for sale at I Wanna Go Home. The author has given permission to those currently serving in the military who buy the song to share it with nine of their best buddies, wives, husbands, parents, or children.

The soldier in the picture is Sgt. Ely Chagoya of 1st Platoon, Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, in Adhamiya, Iraq, March 3, 2007. The photo is by Sgt. Jeffrey Alexander of the U.S. Army.

Here is a link to the lyrics of I Wanna Go Home. Here is the opening stanza:
I Wanna Go Home, having done a good job
Lifting up downtrodden, though the work is rotten
Yet the light's in their eyes-
For bloggers - review copies are available - send me a link to your blog. My address is on the sidebar at the top.

We are giving away 1,000 free copies to men and women of the military. Find out how to get your free copy at 1,000 Free Copies.


Dymphna said...

Don't know if it's because I'm on dialup, but it says the video is no longer available...

Our internet satellite goes out in heavy rain. We've not had any precip in *months* -- this downpour is great...

I like Karradine. An interesting fellow. Is he still in SE Asia?

M. Simon said...

I got the same message. Now the video is back.

Maybe YouTube is having Problems.

Brian Dunbar said...

The link to the lyrics is broken ..

But oh my goodness thanks for posting this.

Brian Dunbar said...

The lyrics page now loads. Farging internet.

Gayle said...

Glad I got here a bit late. The video is working fine, and the song is wonderful.

I will post it on tomorrow's (Saturday's) post, Simon, along with the other link you left over at Dragon Lady's Den. Thank you. :)

anthonyk said...

Thanks the song It is great !!!

Someone should post about it to: